Your Home Dojang

If your kids are enrolled in martial arts classes, it can be hard to keep up their practice when life gets in the way. And while you’ll always want to engage with an instructor, who can help you hone your skills, sometimes it’s not always possible to attend class.

One of the best ways to help your kids stay on top of their lessons is to set up a martial arts-friendly workout space in your home. As a parent, you can also look for ways to motivate your children at home until classes resume.

First, Let’s Set Up a Studio

While your kids can stay active by running around in the backyard, it won’t do much to help them with martial arts. Because it’s so easy for kids to forget lessons when they’re not going to classes all the time, you might find it beneficial to set up a space for them to practice.

  • Start by choosing a spot in your home to convert into a studio. Home gyms can be put just about anywhere, including attics, basements, garages, and other places!
  • The basement is probably the most popular place to put a home gym because there’s usually a lot of room. However, you might need to do framing work or other remodeling projects if you’re working with an unfinished basement.
  • Because martial arts equipment isn’t heavy, you don’t have to worry about the strength of the floor if you choose to put your studio on the second story. However, you will need to consider this if you plan to install multi-purpose equipment that weighs a lot.
  • No matter where you put your workout space, it’s probably a good idea to protect your flooring. There are lots of materials for keeping your floors safe.
  • A home martial arts studio helps aid practice, but as an added benefit, it can boost the value of your home. If you keep receipts and take before and after photos, it helps you quantify the value of your improvements during an appraisal.

How to Help Your Kids Practice  

Now that the studio is set up, you’ll want to buy some gear and equipment that aids your kids’ practice. Since you’re probably not a martial arts master yourself, it doesn’t hurt to look into educational videos that can help your kids meet their goals as well.

  • If your kids usually borrow gear from the studio during classes, you might want to get some basic protective gear for their home practice.
  • Investing in some punch mitts or focus mitts for yourself is a good way to protect your hands if you help your kids practice their moves at home.
  • Gear can’t do anything on its own unless you learn how to use it. Figuring out how to properly use gear like focus mitts will help you be a good sparring partner for your kids.
  • If your kids’ studio has adopted an online training model, use these courses to help your kids stay with their practice.
  • If this is not an option, however, you might need to look elsewhere for instructional videos so your kids can follow proper form and stay safe.

As a parent, it’s hard to find things to keep your kids occupied at home when schools, parks, and other favorite places are closed. However, by making your own martial arts studio and encouraging your kids to practice at home, you can inspire them to stay active and keep their skills fresh until it’s possible to get back into their old routines again.

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