We Love Our TKD Family!

“Instructor Hyun has been my instructor for five years and I could not be more thankful for him. I have been blessed to have him as a trainer, mentor, and coach. I am always inspired by his positive spirit and incredible character. He has had such an amazing influence on my life and the person I am today. I would strongly recommend World Champion Takewondo and Instructor Hyun to anyone!”
TKD Parent
“I have to say that Master Kris Hyun is so amazing with all the children at Branford World Champion Taekwondo. He knows when to be strict but also is playful with the kids as well. Anthony is part of a family there and I know that he is learning so many positive attributes as well as having fun. Anthony is determined to get his black belt and he will not give up.”
TKD Parent
“Master Kris has been an inspirational mentor to my son for almost 10 years. Throughout that time, he has challenged my son to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally, enabling him to achieve more than he ever thought he could and encouraging him to be a leader. Now a second dan black belt, my son has the skill and the confidence to keep advancing in the sport. Master Kris’ coaching and guidance helped him to prepare for his first USATaekwondo national competition, where he won a gold in breaking. We are deeply grateful to Master Kris, and recommend him with the highest confidence to any family!”
TKD Parent
“Best of the best!! Highly recommend. Master Kris is amazing with the kids. He has changed my life & the lives of my kids. I had no idea the impact taekwondo would have on our life. We all train together and it is truly the highlight of our week, and the best way for us to bond."
TKD Parent + Student
“If you want to learn a fabulous martial art, and learn it from a dedicated, kind, extremely talented instructor /this is the place to come. You will develop an attitude of confidence, courtesy, respect, and compassion for others.”
TKD Student
“My son is 3 yrs old and both him and I love it! It teaches him discipline, respect, meditation and taekwondo. Master Chris is simply amazing with the kids.. his patience is unlimited. I feel true admiration, respect and gratitude for this establishment and Master Chris. Thank you for all you do for Luca and our family.”
TKD Parent

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