Little Tigers (Ages 3-4)

Our Little Tigers Program is the perfect introductory class for pre-schoolers. Children learn the importance of the class structure, waiting their turn, hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, basic self-defense, and build confidence & discipline!

Youth Taekwondo (Ages 5-11)

In our Youth Taekwondo Program, children participate in our character-building curriculum. We teach essential self-defense, and world-wide recognized taekwondo forms. The core of our curriculum is an unwavering education on respect, kindness, & integrity.

Junior & Adult Taekwondo (Ages 12+)

Taekwondo is beneficial to all ages. Whether you have goals of getting in shape (mentally or physically), or you’re looking to push yourself to a new level, taekwondo is the sport for you. Our junior/adult community is supportive, welcoming, and extremely encouraging.

Taekwondo Camp

The BEST Camp in Town!  Days off from school are not meant to be spent laying in front of a TV. These kids are energy to burn! We get them off electronics, and keep them busy all day long. Our camp is not just about playing games. We also spend time reading, learning Korean, practicing Taekwondo, and taking field trips (bowling, movie theater, chocolate factory, science center, and much more!)

After-School Program

Taekwondo is a way of life. Our students are not just learning how to kick & punch, then going home. This is a school where they build their character as a person and shape their attitude for the rest of their lives.  Our program focuses around education, electronic-free playtime, respect, and responsibility.

Private Lessons

Amp up your Taekwondo training and focus in your self improvement with private lessons from our masters.  Private lessons are all about your self progress.  Our masters will assess your goals, your current strengths/weaknesses, and create an action plan to help you reach your goals.

Experience World-Class Taekwondo Training