Master Kris Hyun

World Champion TaeKwonDo was opened in 2017 by Master Kris Hyun and his beautiful family. Having studied TaeKwonDo in Korea since the age of 3, Master Kris has developed not only a love for the sport, but a love for developing children through the teachings of TaeKwonDo.

Master Kris also has a passion for soccer! He was actually a semi-professional soccer player who traveled the world playing soccer. He likes to teach the students how your training in TKD can overall benefit your fitness and athleticism for all sports!

Master Kris is a husband to Areum and father of three (Ethan, Yena, and Yehjin). His passion for TKD, kids, and family is clear in everything he does. When you join WCT Brookfield, you become part of the Hyun family and the WCT Brookfield community.

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